WSD Primary school apps

Learning made easy


Westermann Gruppe


  • Conception
  • Screendesign
  • Technical implementation for iOS & Android


On behalf of the Schroedel Verlag KIDS interactive developed several apps for iOS and Android for the beloved maths program “Zahlenzorro” (Numbers Zorro. Using the “plus and minus” and “time” apps calculation and telling time becomes child’s play for children in grades 1-4.

Personally accompanied by the sly numbers Zorro the children can select many different exercise variations and number ranges. The interactive learning is supported by numerous lovingly designed illustrations and theme worlds. Planets must be sorted, circus balls captured or air bubbles full of numbers need to be correctly calculated within the game time. With each successfully completed task small calculation artists can release additional puzzle pieces for one of the many colourful numbers Zorro magic pictures and then put it together.

The numbers Zorro is also available to users with advice and support for telling time and shows how exciting the hour and minute hands, full hours and quarter hours and, time periods, can be in a playful and always child-friendly manner. The app “tell time” is currently under development. “Plus and minus” can be downloaded in the app store or in the Google Play Store.