Castle Doberlug-Augmented Reality App

Digital detective work on the traces of the Lusatian moor with augmented reality


Stories within architechtures


  • Conceptualization Augmented Reality
  • Animation
  • Sounddesign
  • Implementation as app for iOS


With the erlebnisREICH app of the Niederlausitzer Heidelandschaft e. V. (Lower Lusatian moor, registered society) visitors embark on an exciting augmented reality search for clues and discover the secretes of the nature park. In the castle Doberlug museum you can carefully interactively examine the exhibition landscape. With the exhibition app from KIDS interactive the search for clues becomes detective work and opens additional levels of detail. The visitors can listen to witness statements, decode archive finds and secure evidence. In addition a resourceful virtual partner assists in the investigations and supports the search for clues with helpful tips and tricks. A glimpse under the surface of the exhibition object built in the space with the help of the augmented reality function is worthwhile because you will find hundreds of indicators here which are just waiting to be discovered interactively. Every time you lift up, or turn down evidence photos, archive finds, composite sketches, profiles and findings are unearthed and brings the origin of the change in the region to light. With the investigator app visitors can marked important clues in the search for clues and connect these with the real places of discovery in the Nature Park using GPS coordinates and, in this way, create an individual route through the nature park. Outside, the marked points become exciting excursion destinations on an individual tour of discovery through the nature park. Triggered by augmented reality image recognition procedures, different media elements such as photo galleries, audio tours, videos, 360° panoramas, historical documentaries, animations and audio books are called up for the individual elements of the exhibit. The development of the exhibition app and the production of the media elements was realised completely by KIDS interactive.

Castle Doberlug augmented reality app