BASF “Virtual Lab” goes international

Virtual Lab in 10 languages



  • Conception
  • Editor
  • Screendesign
  • Implementation HTML5 / CSS3, JavaScript


KIDS interactive placed the existing virtual lab at a new technical base for BASF. The existing flash application was completely revised from the user guide and technically converted with the help of HTML5 / CSS3 and JavaScript. New components such as the researcher pad were added. In addition numerous completely new experiments were also generated for which KIDS interactive assumed the components of brainstorming and editing, a new reward system with awards / badges and a sophisticated point system. An elaborate, entertaining game in HTML5 also motivates children to successful experimentation.

Since the relaunch the virtual lab has already been translated into many languages and meantime enables its users to experiment in English, Chinese, Korean and Spanish. The virtual lab is regularly enhanced with seasonal promotions and new, exciting experiments.