15. June 2018

MDR broadcasting council awards Children’s online prize 2018 for Kinderweltreise.de


Kinderweltreise.de receives the Children’s online prize of the MDR broadcasting council

The Children’s Online Prize 2018 is awarded for three competition entries. The jury awarded 1st place to the website www.kinderweltreise.de.

Kinderweltreise is very diverse – just like the world in which we live. The children and young people will be supplied with data and facts about all the continents and countries. In addition there will be a look at the daily lives of the children. On Kinderweltreise children can learn how children within their own age group live in other countries. Children and young people are incited to engage with other cultures by this page. At the same time the page provides a balance of information and interactive offerings. The puzzles are entertaining and also very appealing in the multimedia context. Under the item “Interactive tips” there is a list of recipes which the target group can make with very simple ingredients and a very simple process. This serves an entirely new aspect of multimediality. 1St place is endowed with 3,000 Euro.

Image rights: MDR / Andreas Lander