19. December 2017

Kinderweltreise.de wins Educational Media Prize 2017


Interactive educational trip around the world…

Kinderweltreise.de is awarded with the Educational Media Prize 2017.

The page Kinderweltreise.de developed by KIDS interactive was awarded with the Educational Media Prize 2017. On 2 November 2017 the “Educational Media Prize” was awarded in the Munich Gasteig Cultural centre for the 20th time. The winners were previously selected by a jury of children, young people and adult professionals.

“Which countries are in Africa and which country would I like to travel to once? The page “Kinderweltreise.de” delivers child-friendly answers to these questions. The interactive atlas is clearly structure and offers digital exploratory tours of the various countries. The comprehensive information (e.g. the every day life of children) as well as country puzzles also make the page attractive to children with a migrant background”.


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