30. May 2015

EMIL Television Prize 2015 for TricKINO.de


The community for young animators

TricKINO.de wins the EMIL television award

TricKINO.de, the online community for young animators was awarded the German children’s television award, EMIL, 2015 for the best website for children. The online project implemented by the Erfurt KIDS interactive agency with the support of the “A network for children” initiative of the Federal government convinced the expert jury for the award which has been awarded by the TV-Spielfilm program guide since 1995. The website TricKINO.de finds itself in good company because box office hits like “How to Train Your Dragon 2” or TC classics such as “Sendung mit der Maus” are winners of the EMIL 2015.

From the jury’s appraisal

“A page for young film-makers: TricKINO.de accompanies children in their first steps into the world of film. More precisely: the animated film. Here they will learn their first terms about film making, are encouraged to produce their own animated film and have the necessary know-how at hand. And, last but not least, they can show their films to a large audience. We like how TricKINO.de enables children (from 6 years, better from 8 years) to try out being animated film producers in a simple and playful manner. At the same time young film-makers have the opportunity to have their work “publicly” tested and evaluated. Or to comment on the contributions of other creative people. In addition they learn the essential elements of social networking. From Aladdin to Celluloid the Trix icon explains everything you need to know about animated film in a child-friendly way. This is good because then only then can you assimilate a lot of theory around the topic. Then a private animation tool allows you to produced films yourself (animated film studio) using drawing, animation and sound studios. The “Tricks & Tips” page answers where you can get backgrounds, characters or props, how to animate objects or characters, or add sound to the film, step-by-step.

Conclusion: a successful page for young animators or anyone who would still like to become one. You learn something and can put it into practice right away. TricKINO.de promotes creativity, imparts knowledge and motivates children to participate – also because the results can be shared with others.” Lutz Carstens, Editor-in-chief TV SPIELFILM